Friendship is priceless

I seriously can’t imagine my life without these two. We have been through so many good and bad things together and that made our relationship so strong and unique. The most important thing about friendship is honesty. If we are not honest, how can we think that our friendship can last. We have to put all our effort in friendship, otherwise we won’t have true friends by our side. People can’t live without friends, we are not meant to be alone. Love is different, of course, we have to have our soulmate, but friends are those who make us laugh, cry sometimes, share everything, have fights, but we can’t live without them after all. I only have a few true friends, but those are so precious that i wouldn’t be the same person without them. So, if you are happy, sad, dissapointed or just feeling lonely, just call your friends. Those who answer are worth keeping!

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