I m back :D

I ve been distracted for a little while. I am finishing colleague this year, my classes are done and I have only exams left. I am afraid of the future, no bright words have approached me. What should I do when I cannot see the future. What to expect, or not? I am also getting married. Well, that is something that I should look forward to and I am. But I’m scared because I have to start a whole new life, something that I am not used on doing. Ma adulthood is about to start and I don’t know how to behave. What I do know is that I ‘m gonna miss this little girl and all that we went through. I am not ready to let it go but I have to. I’ ll put all my efforts to stay close, because I need her. But I also need my Boo. I m not making choices, I m just growing up!

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