What about life??

So, here I am, watching pictures of people who risked everything to start a better life. And I can’t help but think hoooow???!!! How they manage to be successfull and enjoy life at the same time.. I did the same. I left my home, my family, my friends, city I love to start a better life. And here I am, working as a dishwasher in a country that I don’t hate but boooy the language. Gosh…. I come home, tired, i woke up and I wanna do things, but I can’t because I have to go to work and be prepared to it. I wanna travel, but, there is a liiiitle problem. I don’t have money haha. In my face.. because you know, bills and things :/ I finished colleague, but in order to do what I actually want and the only thing I m good at, I have to learn German, and it sucks. I hate it, and I am not so good at it. Instead of writing this I could read something in German and try a little bit harder, but I can’t make myself do it. I try but it is just, I don’t know, i HATE it and it won’t go in my head. The only thing that keeps me from falling apart is my hubby, but he is the reason I came here in the first place, so I don’t know if I wanna kiss him, or slap him right now. I know that in order to achieve my goals, I have to give my best but it is really hard. I wake up, drink coffe, make breakfast, clean my appartment, then I make lunch, eat and go to work. I come home, tired, make dinner, eat, and go to sleep. Every daaaay is the sameee and I hate it. Weekend goes away so fast that most of the times I dont even remember what i was doing :/ … SO, one question for all of you out there, who moved away and actually achieved what you wanted, please help me! What is your secret? I wanna enjoy life, but I can’t. I just seems like I can’t have it all :/

4 thoughts on “What about life??

      1. I would love your opinion about the post I made in my blog. It means a lot to me. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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