Babies are the cure!

First things first, he is not mine xD but he is the sweetest baby eveeerr. He even poses for the camera, and he is always in a good mood. Not all babies are, but we love them anyways. I love little babies, they make me laugh and make that cute smile ( didn’t know I have one). When I am spending time with babies my heart is full because they are so innocent and adorable that they  make me feel like there isn’t anything else on this planet anymore. No obligations, no worries, no problems, no sadness. Just you and the babby. And it’s nice. Not to worry about anything even if it’s just for a little while. Because this life, it  is a gift but not everyone gets the gift they want. Everything comes at a cost and we need to learn how to deal with that. That is why I love babbies. They don’t know the cost. They are just…there. Being the cutest living beings, making u feel that again!

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