Who loves monday???

It is spring and everything is so beautifull and bluming and everyone is so happy because they can finally wear less clothes and be free. Me too and having lack of sleep doesn’t even bother me because when I wake up, spring energy consumes me. Except on this day. It is a really heavy day and eventhough everyone tries to behave normal, I can see the desperation in their eyes. And I understand. But life goes on and no matter how we spent our weekend, new week is here and we have to move on with our miserable lives until the next weekend. I like Wednesdays because ย then comes Thursday and after it is Friday. And everyone loves Friday because we don’t have to work that long ๐Ÿ˜€

But it is still Monday. And I can’t wait for it to pass. Is there anyone that loves Mondays? How does that feel? o.O

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